Sting Bioeconomy will boost future growth companies within the area of renewable products

Shortly there will be a launch of the Sting Bioeconomy incubator, a new specialized incubator that will contribute to the development of innovations within forest-based bioeconomy and to an increase of the number of fast growing companies in this area. Victor Isaksen, an experienced entrepreneur and forest owner, will be the CEO of this newly started incubator based in Karlstad.

Sting Bioeconomy is a cooperation between the world-leading cluster in forest-based bioeconomy Paper Province, Region Värmland (regional federation) and Sting, the leading incubator in the Nordics for startups with high growth potential.

The new incubator will be placed in Karlstad with the aim to take advantage of the strong position of Värmland in forest-based bioeconomy. Here you find large companies like BillerudKorsnäs and Stora Enso as well as a strong bioeconomy cluster – Paper Province. Sting, a Stockholm-based incubator, is an active partner and will contribute with its experience in developing high-technological startups and its international network of investors and business contacts.

Shortly Victor Isaksen will commence his assignment to establish Sting Bioeconomy. Victor has a background as an entrepreneur and he is also a forest owner himself, an experience that will be useful in his work as the forest is an important part of the bioeconomy.

– I am looking forward to building up Sting Bioeconomy to be a world-leading ecosystem for young promising companies with a focus on sustainable services and products based on renewable resources, says Victor. – I am also very much looking forward to the collaboration with Sting as being internationally accepted as one of the world-leading incubators with its proven way of working, he continues.

Sting Bioeconomy welcomes startups from the whole country to its program and will, with its base in Karlstad, run the operations partly virtually and with a close connection to Stockholm. The aspiration is that promising companies within areas such as bioenergy, new packaging solutions and optimization of forest- and paper industry processes will approach the incubator. In addition to the basis to support newly started companies, selected companies will have the possibility to get support with e.g. business modelling, fund-raising and internationalization.

Since its start in 2002, Sting has supported over 250 companies in starting up their businesses and going international. These companies have today a turnover of more the 2,1 billion SEK. Pär Hedberg, CEO and founder of Sting, comments the joint venture:

– This is the first time that we at Sting puts our name on operations outside Stockholm and we are thrilled to be contributing with our experience and our networks in the development of Sting Bioeconomy to a successful venture that in fact delivers value to promising startups. The fact that we together with world-leading large businesses and regional actors in Värmland have the possibility to contribute to getting more companies in this very important area off the ground is both exciting and important, says Pär Hedberg.


Victor Isaksen
CEO Sting Bioeconomy, +46 70 636 93 25

Pär Hedberg

CEO Sting, +46 70 855 03 18